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David W. Kendall

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   The Blog


Reflections and ruminations on current events, the biblical story, the gospel, and the mission of Jesus.





Dialogue, walking, collaborating, worshipping God.





How the Bible Reads Us. What I've been teaching and preaching lately.



Welcome to davidwkendall.com

I am passionate about rightly understanding, applying and sharing the good news of God’s Word in our 21st century world, discerning and teaching how the good news transforms individuals and communities into expressions and agents of God’s Kingdom on earth.


In particular, “I have come to appreciate the story form of our Scriptures that frame our lives, inform our sense of identity and destiny, and draw us together into Kingdom expression and enterprise.  When the Story stories us in these ways we live authentically and, with others, become church.”

    Reflect on how we may live into and become part of the story the Bible tells.


    Show connections between that story and a way of relating, being and acting in the world that is true and good, holy and loving, enlightening and empowering for people and the world.

    Encourage us all to join Jesus in authentic living with him, Father and Spirit, and with one another as followers of Jesus for the sake of the world.

    To model perceiving reality through the lenses of the biblical story—especially the person, teachings, ministry, dying and rising Jesus, and the way of life to which Jesus calls us and for which his dying, rising and gifting with Spirit empower us.