David W. Kendall



Follow Her Lead


Should women be “in the ministry”?  Should women lead in the church?  Often these questions are settled on the basis of just a couple passages of the Bible that seem to speak directly to the matter.  Some judge those passages to limit and restrict women.  Others conclude they reflect cultural views that have no relevance for the 21st century.  The former answer, “No!”  The latter answer, “Yes!”  And neither approach is adequate.


Bishop David Kendall argues that these questions can only be answered adequately by reading the Bible as we have it, as essentially a story about a world created well and good, committed to the care of the human beings, male and female, ruined by foolish and errant human choices, and then re-directed and redeemed by God who enters the story.  His reading offers a coherent and compelling YES to both questions and urges us to Follow Her Lead. 


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God’s Call to Be Like Jesus: Living a Holy Life in an Unholy World


David Kendall details what holiness means in everyday living. He explains that holiness in action is grounded in the holiness of God, a process and experience of growth, relational to both God and people, practical in your real life choices, and tied to your Christian discipleship. If you want God’s holiness to be increasingly vital in your inner character and outward behavior, our family life, and your use of time and money, this book will help you measure your priorities and your progress on the way of holiness. 


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